beeper vs panning

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I've often wondered if some of the grain size nuggets also have additional values that dry washing would find. I know that many don't post all the info but I don't recall someone going over a patch that has 1-3 grain sizes with a dry washer later. Keeping close to the vest or not worth the time?

Just curious, Wyndham

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well those 1 grain pieces have to be pretty close (within a few inches) of the coil. When i find a patch with small gold i always eventually go back with a drywasher or sluice and test the lower layer of the gravel and sometimes it can pay off in a big way , the old minelab has led me to some good diggin spots and remember some of those cracks in bedrock are deeper than they look , great for the vac n screwdriver Good luck Justin

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Well, Lucky, Mike and I put my new drywasher in a spot that we all found lots of gold with Minelabs and some very small gold with Gold Bugs. The gold bugs did not hit to many more targets but this is what we found on the first 1 1/2 hour run with my new drywasher. What a great combo... detectors and then a drywasher.


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I guess it depends a lot in the area you are in. Some areas will have very chunky gold that hasn't travelled far from source, where there may be only minimal amounts of fine gold. Some areas you will find have mostly smaller gold, with the odd larger picker or nugget scattered about. Or a mixture of both. If you find a really small, rich patch, then it could be well worth your while recovering the stuff the detector can't pick up. As I said it all depends on location.

Good luck :D

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