Good week with Montana nuggets

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Went with Lumpy last week and I had a good Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

He suggested I try the Minelab 8" mono Commander coil which I had never

used or even thought about using. It was a 'freebie' with the GP3500.

I got a total of 16 nuggets for a total of 4.0 grams. Some were so small

they probably would not register on a gram scale by themselves.

I have always checked other peoples dig holes but have never found anything.

Things were different last week, with me finding 3 'leftovers' in one hole

and 2 in another.

I also found little tiny nuggets in sand in the bottom of a draw that are best

described as 'floating' in the sand. They were down 3 or 4 inches but still had

a long way to go to bedrock.

One day I lost a couple of those dinks that were in some vegetation. I had them

in the cup but kept throwing them out and having to detect them again.

My solution was to take a bandanna the next time and shake about half out of the

cup into my hand and keep shaking the cup but dumping it onto the bandanna for

'insurance'. That way you know when you lose it that it's in the bandanna and you

just scoop some of it up and shake it till you get the gold.


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Good show LeRoy, it's always fun chasing those little dinks around, your right alot of the little ones that I have found won't register on a scale, I got a little Diagem scale that does carat up to 50 carats or up to 10 grams down to 0.002g. gotta love them small coils.

Allen in Mt

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Good job.....I did exactly the same thing when over at Lucky's.....i took my sweat rag---an old piece of t-shirt, and laid it by the hole....used the same procedure...worked fine for me, too.

I got that 8"mono and am really wanting to use it up here in AK,

It snowed today...I don't know if I will have a chance to get any detecting in before the snow really kills it here.

Keep diggin'


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