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Keep e`m coming! Those sure are beauties :oB)

Very nice,,,I like the color......east coast baby...

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One of he tips Rob mentioned that using Special (4500), i.e sensitive extra, instead of Normal I may be sacrificing depth. I was receiving strong signals for the shallow smaller pieces but not getting many deeper signals. Bypassing Normal and using Deep only produced a noisier detector therefore missing the faint signals. I tried Normal, and you see the results. I think I was trying to hard to find the deep stuff when the Normal, General, Fixed, DD settings would work just find in this site.

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I was using the Coiltek 9X14 mono coil, but had the detector set DD. I can't figure out the "Deep" setting, it's too noisy to get comfortaable, yet I know there are deeper nuggets that I am missing. In one of the area I have had realy good luck an old prospector has removed the first overlay. So far he has created a hole around 50' square and 2' deep. I have found 8 nuggets in his prospect anywhere from 6' to 14' deep so these nggets are 30" to 44" below the natural topsoil. Like I said I know there are targets deeper in this area but I can't get a deep reading over 16". Has anyone had success with the Deep setting. What's the secret?

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I'm not as successful with gold as I am with trash, but have gotten some good tips from Colorado Bob and Canada Larry lately.

1. Turn thresh hold down, to where there's barely a sound. Makes it easier to pick out faint target.

2. SLOW down- Canada Larry says he sees guys zoomin around after a push, and 2 weeks later the oldtimers come out barely moving their coils and dig nugz. To take advantage of PI machine, you have to give the signal time to go down and back.

3. Pick a small area and dig ALL targets.

I used my GMT to clear the trash, then went back and found deeper stuff with the Minelab



I had difficulty pinpointing with the 5000, even in Normal or Pinpointing mode due to sensitivity, so I switched to GMT to narrow down the target. Maybe that was just because this was rusty junk and not gold.

I'm finding it less discouraging to work the small area instead of zooming all over for half an hour and then heading to a different state ;)

Have fun out there!

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