Gold prospecting on Rich Hill in Arizona

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I am trying to find gold prospecting clubs that have claims on Rich Hill in Arizona so I can join.

1) Does anyone know of anymore clubs for Rich Hill?

2) I called 24 Karat Gold Hunters Club, but the phone is out of service.

Anyone know of updated contact information for Elly?

Here's are clubs I found so far:

Weaver Mining District

Name: Les Bender

Phone: 928-427-6344

Price: $25/yr

24 Karat Gold Hunters Club

Name: Elly Loftin

Phone: 928-427-0011

Toll Free: 1-866-713-0608 - web site down - archived link works

Price: $350/yr

Price: $2750/lifetime

Uncle Ron Custom Gold Maps

Name: Ron Long

Phone: 928-684-5189

Price: $99/map - other maps cost extra

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i may be mistaken, but i think awhile back there wa a thread here on the 24k and other claims belonging to same owner had sold out. i think everything still stayed the same, just new ownership, so that may be why the number isnt the same or working. i definately remember something about that, im sure rob and others will step in and give more input. might be abl to look at older post and see if its still there. i def remember some discussion on that club claim, some lady was the owner or something.


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Yo Goldnuggets: Here's the facts--24 K club is definitely out of business and the new claim owners are not a club by any stretch of the imagination...Former club members and associates of 24K got burned pretty good;

Weaver Mining District is still a going concern but Les passed away a month or so ago,...Now MaryAnn is running it...Rest of the contact info is good...

Y Not has some good claims but there is local dissension between GPAA, local folks and the Y Not owners which may or may not make any difference to prospective members...

Roadrunners Prospecting Club has several claims and, though somewhat expensive since copying 24K's pricing, more or less, RRPC is a good club to belong to....

GPAA has quite a few claims in the Rich Hill area...

WSPA (Western States Prospectors Assn.) has quite a few claims in the Rich Hill area but is an exclusive club... (my website) offers maps of club claims all over Arizona and parts of California starting at $15.00 per map with packages of maps at good is not a club....Hope this helps...Cheers, Unc

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Thanks everyone.

I'll call those clubs and get on board.

If you wanna hunt rich Hill you should have a DVD from Footprints,,,,that's my humble opinion. You can see where all the claims are and who they belong to. I also use a Weaver Mining District map you can get from Mary Ann at the office by the Frog.


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I was at Rich Hill last week at the west side of a Weaver claim when a fella on a 4-wheeler informed me that that area is Blue Bell, not Weaver.

Anyone have info on that? By the Octave and those poison tailings.

Hey Kelly,

If you look on your FootPrints you will see the Blue Bell claim is in 9N 5W Section One. That's due South of Stanton on Antelope creek. Seems that fella is a little misinformed.

If you've got your Rich Hill FootPrint handy you can click here to see it on the map (you don't need to start your FootPrint).

If you run an information request you will see that the claimant is Arizona Association of Mining Districts and the claim (03/27/1960 AMC#68550) is located in the SW quarter section of 9N 5W Section One.

Sorry I missed meeting you on Thanksgiving. Sounds like you and Max found the type of gold you can't buy. :)



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Thanks, Uncle Ron and Clay.

Those maps show where I was at is Weaver. The road after that gets too nasty for my truck so I stopped near those poison tailings.

Clay-, rich time with Max and his wife. They are fun and interesting people. I look forward to more time with them and meeting you some day.


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