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Can a map really help you find gold?

It's been my experience that good maps with the needed information on them can lead you to gold. As many of you know, the real problems begin when you try to find and assemble that information.

That's why Ruby and I started making maps - not to sell them to other prospectors but to give us the edge that makes prospecting all about looking for gold instead of wondering where we are or if there might be a better patch over the next hill. We'd rather spend our time mining the gold.

Of course we could have been satisfied just putting geocommunicator together with some topos and google earth and then try to figure out what that mess might mean. As long as we had a good internet connection and geocommunicator wasn't down and we had enough room to lay it all out we did get a little of the "edge" we were looking for. I'm sure many of you know how painful that process can be!

In the end we still didn't have a single good map to study and we were dependent on an internet connection - something rarely found in any gold location. Since what was available just didn't fit the needs of a gold prospector we set out to get real information in one place without the need for an internet connection - we became map makers.

FootPrints is the result of those years of learning to make maps and gathering real information of value in gold prospecting. FootPrints users can design their own custom maps and print them in high resolution, ready to take on their next prospecting adventure. FootPrints requires NO internet connection. Of the more than 20 interactive layers of map data, in each FootPrint, virtually all the information presented is unique to FootPrints, you just can't get this information anywhere else!

To help other prospectors understand how to find gold with a map I am writing a series of articles. In these articles I will give you real life examples that can lead to more productive prospecting time - even without FootPrints.

Keep an eye on the pinned post at the top of this forum titled FOOTPRINTS, Claim Research & Mapping Program at your Fingertips! . I will be posting the first article there tonight with approximately one a week to follow.

The first article is up and can be read by Clicking HERE.

Happy Trails and Heavy Pans



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I'm very directionally-challenged so, despite doing much research with Google satellite maps, Geocommunicator etc- I get to a site and am lost.

But- having the Rich Hill Footprints has been very helpful.

I thought all of that research (including looking at Footprints) would lead me right to a claim there but, when I arrived, everything looked different from the ground.

Fortunately, since Footprints doesn't require an internet connection, I was able to bring up the maps and find the right spot. (Although it took me 3 tries :rolleyes:

PLUS- Footprints has the maps that were filed with the claim, so you can see the measurements the claim owner gives. I haven't found that anywhere else.

I highly recommend Footprints and may purchase editions for other areas.

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