Black sand

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hi,im new here and was wondering if someone can help me

i found Black sand and im sure i can see gold in it but i have no way of seperating it from the sand,is there any place i can send a sample to have it Annualized to confirm there is gold in this sand?

Gold is heavier than black sand so you can just pan it out. Put some in a pan and slowly pan it down. If there's gold in it it will be the last thing in your pan.

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it is like flower gold.i just need to confirm it is in there some where.ive been packing this sand around with me for 2 months now and i dont want to throw it out.

like the advice above, just take some and put it in a pan. pan it down. even flour gold will be heavy and at the end most will be all bunched together to add up enough to see if its gold. there wont be a mistake in identifying will shine even when shaded,just work it slow and take ur time,otherwise you will pan the gold rite out as well. once your sure its gold,invest in a blue bowl or concentrator. ther eare mini sluices and spiral wheels for the small stuff.


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Save your money!!! If you have a green garret gravity trap gold pan...careful panning will leave a tail of black sand, heavys and even the finest flour gold...use a ten power magnifier and you will see...pyrite will not stay to the very bottom...assuming you have basic panning skills...

or take El Dorado up on his kind offer...

good luck


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