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hi all, went out yesterday and no luck ,but i actually found an old tabacco can about 2 1/2 ft deep. i tore it open and out fell some old paper that falling apart.must be so old its deteriorating. antways it was on the side of a large hill buried pretty deep.i cant read all the writing or is it all there. but what i can read is to whom it may concern and something about assesment and has a name mary cassis in it. thats about all i can make. the paper is brown like an old style paper bag. but its thin and very brittle.at first i thought it might have been some nuggets wrapped in in and after i saw the writing i decided to be a little easier with it. anyways it was cool. here are couple pics.

it seems to be some type of claim paper or something.





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Really neat piece of gold prospecting history John! Are you going to research it? - Terry

i tried, couldnt come up with much, since its not all there and im not sure exactly what it says or who, im just wondering why it was buried so deep.it it was in a wash that would be easy to explain. but it was on the side of a mountain, in a spot that looked like it was dug out a little then buried.


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One of the most exciting aspects of treasure hunting is finding evidence of past miners' lives.

It's fun to wonder what they went thru and how things turned out.

Yesterday I was heading back to Quartzsite and pulled off Hwy 60 to detect. Found a couple small boot tacks in a wash and saw this:

CLICK for photo

I wonder if it was cattle rustlers?

John- no tellin what might be in that area you're exploring :)

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I was in the Caribbean last summer on a 50 foot sailboat ,I was detecting on an uninhabited island beach, got a faint signal at the base of a palm tree. I dug down quite a ways and found a quart jar. I got it out and couldn't get the lid off.When I finally got it open there was a number of items including 2 Love letters.They were dated Dec. 29 1999. Two days before Y2K.Still trying to locate the 2 people that buried it.

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