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Robin, Road Dog & I, hit the foggy hills in our never ending story of patch hunting. We didn't hit anything what we'd call a patch, but a few spots with 2 or 3 nuggets that some oldtimer must have lost in that hole in his pocket. I got this real nice signal and started to dig it out, well it wasn't in the hole or in the pile of mud. Plenty of flase signals this time of year, so I kicked the mud back into the hole and swung my coil over it again. The same great signal where my pile of mud was at. I scraped the top layer back and I missed the signal in my first hole, by 4 inches. So, I dug the mud back out and started to cut the other side of the hole down. I was very happy to see this nugget hanging in the mud 8" deep. So, recheck them false signals...some are golden. I averaged one nugget a mile, I'm glad I don't do this for a living!!! Until our next hunt.




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Those nuggets have a character to them.....i like the looks of them.

Don't get trenchfoot out there in all that mud.hahaha

Did Buddy find anything this trip???


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