Gotta get rid of some mercury

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..i have a friend who has about 2 large bottles, [maybe a quart] of mercury that her deseased dad had from years of prospecting...can i sell it to somebody in the bay area or do i just give it away..will city haz-mat people take i donate it to a chemistry class..whats it worth..[might be 2 quarts]..thx...xman

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Well it a hazmat item, but I would think you could sell it to someone that could pick it up in person, I wouldn't give it to a school, someone in Fresno brought some to a school and droped it, they called hazmat out and closed the school for two days, a bit of over reation, but then thats howCalif. doe's things. Mercury used to be $76.00 a flask, but its gone up, Check the news paper, it shold haver the current price listed. Grubstake

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