My modded SD2200V2

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Hi Guys,

Here are some shots of my SD2200V2 mounted on a TDI stem. In this way It is a three pieces stem, and enters easily in my backpack.

On handle, I added a Tesoro pinpoint button, mounted on a U shaped alluminiun support (this button should be water resistant). So it has a fast track button too.

Hope You like it.

All the best.





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WoW,,that baby is super nice!!!!!


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Man what you did is super clean. Can you adjust the distance from the cuff to the handle?

Yes You can. Just drill holes at the right distance or a series in case of multi users.

Also I noted that white's "S" mid stem gives a better balance and control on the coil.

Again, White's handle is far better than Minelab one, stronger and easier to clean.

All the best.


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