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Would anyone that is new to detecting be interested in little mini outings on Wednesdays at Lynx Creek? I would be glad to show up with some test nuggets and advice for the new folks if there was some interest. I am no expert but I do like to share what I have learned and I like to talk about prospecting in general. The weather is nice here in the Prescott area this time of year so it might be a nice break for the folks that live in the hotter country. Send me a PM or post here.


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Hey Bunk:

Myself and another guy, that it new to detecting will be going in to the upper end of lynx creek on Friday. Want to use the ML5000 but, Im bringing my GB along because I see thunderstorms are in the forcast. Either way, it will be cooler and fun :)

Would like to meet up with you if the schedule fits?

Lemme know.


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Hi guys, The only reason I said Wed., is because the the forest service does not charge for parking on Wed. With a couple days notice, I am up for just about any adventure, send me a PM and we can see what we can put together.


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