Wet Gold

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Hey all, I found something that I thought I would pass on. How many times have you been detecting a streambed that still has pockets of water here and there ? Then you get a signal and start to dig it out but the water keeps seeping in making it loads of fun to get the target out. My wife bought a shamwow to use around the house but I swiped it and keep it in my prospecting pack. Clean your hole out and stuff the shamwow into the bedrock crevice and saturate the shamwow as many times as you need to clear the water out. It doesnt take too many times as this thing really holds water. Someone else may have come up on this already but I thought I would pass it on anyway. You can pick them up at the dollar store for a dollar. I have been known to use part of my shirt, a sock, a bandana, almost anything to dry a hole up, but this thing sure makes it easier. And it comes in that nice warm GOLD color. Good luck, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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