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Can someone tell me if these (Twistlocks) are user replaceable? And if so, where can I get them? I have 2 of them that just don't want to lock down anymore and Minelab wants me to send them the entire shafts for replacement. That normally wouldn't be a problem but I am planning to meet up with another board member for a hunt next week and ML says it takes at least 24-48 hours to process the warranty exchange and get the new shafts sent out. I need one for my 705 and one for my 3000. If I can replace them myself I would rather go that route since the time frame is an issue. Thanks everyone.


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@AZO...........from what I can tell nothing is broken. It just will not lock the shaft in place. When I twist it to lock, I can still easily pull the shaft out of the upper shaft. It even twists left and right inside the upper shaft. I tried to take it apart and look at it but it wouldn't separate, so I didn't force it.

@Frank.............I wasn't aware that Rob could get them, so I will contact him tomorrow. I need to call him anyway to order (or try to order) a new long strap for my Minelab bag. My dumb but went to pull the detector out of the back of my truck by the shoulder strap and it snagged on the lip of the bed and snapped one of the clip ends off :blush:.

Thanks for the replies.

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