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Hey All, I went up a different canyon today and was cleaning out crevices that showed a good blacksand reading (ferrous) on the GB Pro. I was concentrating on cracks underwater. I was in about two feet of water and almost barren bedrock with a fissure seam running across the creek. I went over it and nothing on the left side. I went over the right side and bam all the bars went up. I did not get a signal other than the ferrous bars and the area the bars showed up was only about six inches long. The main seam was only about three inches deep while the small six inch area turned out to be about twelve inches deep. I had to get the mask and snorkle out and see what I had. It was too narrow to blow out so I had to do some breaking up of the bedrock. I finally got that done and was able to put the coil down into the newly excavated hole and I got a real nice signal along with all the ferrous bars still showing. I took all the rock out and I fanned off the creamy clay layer and the bottom went black. That was the ferrous reading now I wanted to find out what the actual signal was. I ran my fingertips over the black sand which loosened it up some and then I fanned a little more. I could not see much as I had my big behind blocking the sun. After moving and setting up from a different direction I was able to fan the black sand from one side to the other and started to see what I had heard as a signal. It looked like ten or twenty little pieces of gold laying in the sun. I sucked them up with my bottle and checked the hole again with the GB Pro and no more signals. I was happy and took my normal nap before climbing up the hill and heading towards the rig. The weight turned out to be two grams but it all adds up. There is a picture of the way I have my bottle set up also. I have been using this setup for years and it works great. Many people have wanted to know how/what I use to get the gold, this is it. TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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