My Treasures for today....a SKUNK :)

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Hey all:

Welp, Pops and I went out today and hit some washes...hit the upper end of the wash I got some gold out of last week. Nuten.

Hit some other washes in the area...Nuten...

So we sucked up 4 buckets of dirt from the small nug wash and ran it throught the trommel......couple of pickers and some fines.

Did manage to clean up the desert though. Pulled a lot of highly toxic lead out and brass and other crap.

Welp..............we got the skunk today! wacko.gif

Oh time.

Tom H.

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Dang Oldies - just when I was thinking how much I would have liked to meet up and go hunting with you sometime you get skunked....there goes that idea... :lol::lol: When you're back on those 1 ozer PM me..... :P

How is that trommel you made working? You should post a video of it in action.

Wellll.....thats the way it goes...

I was on a hot streak....and then nothing..I may get the skunk for.. weeks, months.....not years!!AHHH!!

Going down to Quartzite for the outing next weekend...I dont expect much down there but you never know.

The trommel is working great. I can run 4 full buckets in about a half hour.

If I was not so computer illiterate I would post a video of it.


Tom H.

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