Gold and maybe Some Crawdads? HW 36

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Hey Guys.. Ill be spending my Christmas Vacation in Humboldt County.. I am going to do some field testing off of highway 36.. Im lookin to try the area just after Mad River and Ruth lake before Highway 3 heads to Hayfork.. Also at the same time ill be bringin the crawdad trap.. I looked on the USGS and it is the very eastern edge of Pre-Cretaceous metamorphic rocks that head all the way up to highway 299.. Same dirt as Burnt Ranch just south.. Was wonderin if you guys thought this area might produce?.. Dads or color.. or both?

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Hey UGBomber, If you look at the map you will see Forest Glen on the South Fork of the Trinity. Go towards Hayfork a short ways and you will see Rattlesnake Creek on the map. Good gold and platinum in this creek. I do not know what the claim status is currently but check it out. Hope this helps, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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