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I bought the x-terra 70 2 years ago and just could not find the time to travel and use it. I live in central Georgia and have been to Dahlonega and Suches twice with a little luck panning, but have not been lucky nugget hunting. I would like to start swing the minelab somewhere in the midwest. Where would a good place to start? I am saving up for a week long trip to Nome, AK or somewhere. I would like to learn the art of prospecting from those who have the knowledge and ability to teach me. HELP.

63 years old, eager and able to learn.

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Pop...don't take this wrongly, but, you ask for to much knowledge all in one paragraph...

There are answers to much of your quest in the archived old posts on this and other forums...broadly speaking you need to pick an area and than research that area...if you are after nuggets than you need a nugget producing area...seems clear to me but I have been doing this awhile;so it might not be clear to a beginner.

There are some pay to mine operations in Alaska, the GPAA has some, Ganes Creek is another...

Chris Ralph's book A FIST FULL OF GOLD and JIM STRAIGHT'S books are two primers every beginner should read.

The International California Mining Jounal is a monthly magzine with loads of info...Chris happens to be Assistant Editor...

The x-70 is a good all-round machine but you should have the 10 inch DD-e coil for nugget hunting

this is too long

happy holidays


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