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Well I am not sure how to approach this season being there is no rain or snow... I am assuming that evidence from everyone will be everywhere.. lmao.. Just went to the divide by Foresthill road and saw "someone" was working the area around where I was diggin.. Even saw a small depression in the MIDDLE of the river with tailings on the side.. Thinkin a rocker. I started around last May and I think I am learnin a little. Going somewhere this friday not sure yet.. Areas Im lookin are mediuim creeks. I have acess to a couple areas and all I am hoping is there is some water there. (Recently was visiting Fam in Humboldt county.. Cruised highway 36 and the Van Duzen river wasn't even connected in some parts.. And we all know the kind of rain Northern Californias coast gets).. Wierd.. anyways would like to hear your guy's take (and expierience) on this situation.. ^_^



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1/4th of a 5 gallon of concentrate pulled and panned by hand.. lol


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Last week my brother and I hit the bear river, dug up about 12 5 gal. got .5 gm by March I don't now if u run anything hard but fun.

Oh I do.. Lol I usually end up with half a bucket of black sand by the end of the day.. lol Lots of work.. :blink:

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