So, How is native copper formed?

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Ok......after digging up some copper nugs today Pops and I had a talk.

He seems to think native copper nugs are formed by lightning stikes and being blown out of the earth and splattered all over.

I tend to think if forms more like gold does, being pushed up in a solution and solidifing when it gets closer to the surface.

Any one have some thoughts on this?

Tom H.

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In one spot where I detect, copper globules occur in porphyry and quartz thermal veins. Porphyry is a dark purplish igneous rock. Copper gulobules in porphyry can be a bugger to detect in, because the GPX picks them up just like bird shot, and furthermore if its wet (and salty) this sets up a ground halo because of the ionization. If you look this up, this will tell you about one more mechanism about how copper, and sometimes gold forms natively. Another mechanism for native copper is through hydrothermal vents like black smokers.

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