new guy here & a question bout mystery metal nug's around jamestown, ca area

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Hey guys, hope'n somone mite have a clue bout the types of mystery metals anyone mite have found around my area or tuolumne county,

So years back was cheakin out a creek, when bam beautiful bunnyhead nugget just sitt'n there just stuck to the bank, so naturally I get a small crew together, armed with just a midsized sluice and went at it, many days go by and nothing shiny. So decide to get a larger box and keep going, to some up no shine, but a bunch of the same strange rocks my buddy kept toss'n out of the other sluice wich were load'n it up! So decided to smash one and here we are. Mind you this was 15years back & the rough oz. Of metal has been lost but did find the "original" chunk that I cut just a few days ago :) so here I am

Description; vibrant silver, very heavy,much harder than lead, way to heavy to be aluminum, after all these years kinda looks tarnished where was cut but maybe not, was encrusted in "blackish" what ever, thinkin bacteria, try'n to get permission from current land owner "he just cut the bank back :) will post pic when can

Ps. Any one want to jump in, got room on the team for the right person/people :)

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