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I know a guy who has a 25 year old 2.5" dredge .Has a 1 3/4 out on the pump and 3.5 motor.How doz it compare to a more modern dredge .Don't know how the suction is on it compared to the newer dredge's ? It's ben sitting a lot of year's will the pump seal's have to be rebuilt ?....jerry

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Should really work just as good as new ones..... the design on on either a jet or power nozzle has not really changed . Just put some modern matting or carpet in the sluice and you will be good to go! The pump seal may still be good to go and if it only has a slight drip it's no big deal

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Probably around 3 feet.

Once you get past that you start having problems with rock jams and to much underground water flowing in.

If you divert the creek, either with a dam to make the water go around the hole or some 4" PVC to duct the water over the hole that helps.

The deeper you go the more you have to throw out of the hole as the dredge wont pull it up.

I had to hook two motor/pumps together in a hole I was in and was able to go down to 5 1/2 feet to get to bedrock.

Keep your sluice downstream from you pump. Try to keep your hose as straight as possible.

Put your sucker valve in a bucket with holes in it to keep from sucking up gravel with it.

Another good set up is to "T" off where the hose meets the pump. Get another hose and put a on/off valve on it and a fire hose type nozzle on the end of that.

Blast the gravel and suck it up.

Makes it go a lot faster.

Your going to be heaving a lot of rock! :) Enjoy.

Tom H.

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With the 2.5" I've gone down 6 feet and could have gone deeper but that was as deep as the creek was ... With a 4" Keen I worked all summer one year at 16 feet on the Scott River above Callahan ... That was back around 1979-1980 ... Wasn't doing it for a hobby then and had good rock moving equipment, a paid assistant, etc. ...Cheers, Unc

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