Skunk and a Snake

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Hey all:

Dad and I went out today figuring its going to be one of the last times we can go out down low here.

It was rather warm today.

Got skunked. :(

And....almost got bit!

We were on our way out in the truck and I saw a wash I wanted to look at.

So, me gets out and starts walking up it looking around....all of a sudden BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Jumped back and there he was...all coiled up buzzing.

Go figure...I never see a snake when I have my chaps on ....and run into them when I dont!

It was huge...must have been about 10 feet long! Well, it seemed that way.

Just glad he warned me :)

Tom H.

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A snake is steak Tom, you should have put him in the pot..... was kind enough to warn me and give me a photo op.

Ive had snake before....its like eating bony chicken. :)

Yah never might wind up like this...

Tom H.

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Yep, I came up on one this afternoon, but only saw him ... Something perked my cautious bone up and I pulled off my headphone to listen ... As I concentrated on hearing, I saw JoeNoShoulders right in front of me all coiled under a prickly pear stand ... He didn't buzz and I just chatted with him a bit, took the best photo I could then went on back to a new patch I'd just found ... Here's his photo ... Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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