Commander Coil Noise

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Is it normal to hear a high-pitched whining noise coming from the coils on a GPX5000? I sat my detector down to dig a target today and once i got down on one knee I heard a loud whining sound. i picked the coil end up off the ground and put my ear to it and sure enough, the sound was coming from the coil? I was using the stock 11" Commander Mono. Thanks.

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Hi Chris

Sounds like loose windings or a bad connection in the coil.

Just to be safe, I would say don't use it, it could damage your 5000.



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Thanks, Herb. I also noticed that the same coil was giving false signals at the ends of each swing no matter how slow I swung the coil. Every little bump or nudge made it sound off, and even when the coil would occasionally rub the ground it would sound off as well. Guess I'm down a coil. :(

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Check to see if the serial number falls into the catagory of a batch of bad 11 monos that went out from Minelab.

I had one and it falsed all the time. You could squeeze it and it would false.

I think there is a listing on thier website....It will be replaced promply...mine was.

Tom H.

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I just got back from trying all 7 of my coils and everyone of them makes the same sound. So I decided to isolate any outside noise so I unplugged my external speaker nd turned my Goldscreamer all the way down, and it still did it. It turns out I was hearing the oscillation/pulsing of the coils. It just blew me away because I normally cannot hear things like that at all with my high frequency earing loss. Today was a completely calm, cool day with absolutely nothing around me for miles so it was DEAD QUIET out where I was. Thanks for the replies. I feel alot better now.

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