Broken Sporatic Sounds Bring Gold !!!

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Woke up early today, and headed to Gold Basin, my first target sounded off pretty loud, but was broken, and sporatic. At first I thought it was a piece of small trash. But sticking to the rule of dig everything, it ended up being a small piece of gold in some caliche. I found a total of 6 nuggets today, for a total of 11.7 grams. The largest one being almost 6 grams. Ended up also finding a total of 250 grams of meteorites, using the gpx5000 with a 12X15 Commander Coil. Remember, if you dig a nugget, and its on bedrock or caliche, and you are getting small sporadic sounds, dig some of the dirt out and pan it, you will be surprised to find pickers, and flake gold also.

Happy Hunting !!!!




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Congrats Dave, Very impressive. I have yet to find a nugget in Gold Basin (or anywhere else for that matter) LOL How deep were your nuggets? Thanks for hint about broken sounds. Im using a Whites GMT.


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Thanks everyone.... Chris, the nuggets varied in depth, the broken sporatic one was about 2 inches down, and the larger size one was approx. 10 inches down.


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