First a Skunk, Now a Monkey on My Back

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Amazing how pretty such an ugly place (the desert) can be. Everytime I think about leaving the desert I see things like this, and I change my mind. At least until the 120* temps get here.

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Least you were able to get out and have some fun :)

We got skunked this weekend also.

Your turtle beats the one I found....mine was dead!

NOTE:......never pick a turtle up...they will pee and then dehydrate.

Hope we get a chance to "bump" into each other again in the future :huh:

Tom H.

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I didn't know that Tom. He/she was in the road, so I did move it, but no PP.

Is anyone seeing the monkey?......Those two holes weren't from me. It's a double burrow of somekind that meet just under the surface of the dirt. I took the pic of the holes, and then when looking at the pic later is when I saw the monkey !!

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