Headed to Weed..

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Well I am headed to Weed, Ca this weekend.. leaving friday afternoon after work from... Oakland.. lol My best friend is going to the College of the Siskiyous to get his fire fighting qualification Sat morning. Love the guy a 6 year CDF vet. straight out of highschool. Well were gonna HAVE to spend the weekend up there. I was just wondering cause I don't know that part of Cali that well.. Where we could pan some yellow south of weed around Shasta.. Cause of cutbacks we be camping instead of a motel.. lol J/K so if anyone of you know a place to stay on Shasta around Gold lemme know boys.. Oh and if you know Crawdad grounds around there lemme know.. I might not even look for the yellow if I could walk away with a couple pounds of the bugs.. Found LOTS of them by the Truckee... Point me in the "general" direction guys and im sure ill figure it out from there..

Thanks guys..

Good luck this season boys!


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By the way you gotta give me a direction..lol.. My birthday was May 1st.. I had to sit here and watch riots by the '99%s' lol.. I am ready for some non city.. :)

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Anywhere south of Dunsmuir will get you color on the headwaters of the Sacramento River. The further south you get, the better your odds. Keep in mind, the river is high, swift, and cold this time of year. Good bedrock may be hard to find. Access is good along many of the frontage roads.

Digger Bob

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