Great Service and Chewing on my foot!

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Egad! I wondered where that post went? I hope Chris accept my appologies and don't throw me out on the next outting. Talk about opening you mouth and chewing off your feet... hell, I must be half way up to my knees! For those that frequent the many gold forums, I did a huge snafu, I posted on the wrong forums. Maybe I can blame it on the stripmine from the 60's? Here is the post that I meant to get here on Rob's forum...

"Just wanted everyone to know about Rob outstanding service. I ordered the carbon upper shaft with the xtra fiberglass shafts on Friday. They were in my postal box on Monday morning for pick up! You can tell us Rob. Did you drive across the valley and put then in my box?

More Au to everyone, Robert "

We as customers are very lucky to have not just one great dealer, but several fantastic dealers that care about their customers and are so passionate about this hobby. Please support our local dealers, and forgive my absent, swiss cheese of a mind.

More Au to you, Robert

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At least it was all kind words you misdirected.....

Really got to watch e-mails.

Once you hit the send button......theres no taking it back! :)

Tom H.

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