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Hit up an ole spot.. It has now been one year and a week since I started prospecting. Of course no fines at this place.. Flake and chunk.. Found a B.B. of color along with some flakes. Since I came back to this place a year later after all the other places I been.. I get how the paydirt lays.. Its about a foot thick under a foot or two of grey and right above a red soft layer.. Its all about those "potatoes".. that are just above the red velvet cake.. lol. Lots of healthy baby trout the whole time we workin.. Eatin bugs out the processed sluice material. But I have a mental Idea on what happened after the ole timers left in this area.. Bottom is not always the key.. :)

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K.. First time I hit this spot in about 10 months.. When I first started prospectin.. hahah.. Rolled out with tons of bbs of the color this time... No one even tested around my first filled in hole. Rubbed chunks. No real flour.. Its all bout red potatoes packed in cement.. Goin tomorrow.. This area is not about deep.. Its all bout the patch..

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