Night Hunt with the X-Terra 705

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Since it is over 105 degrees during the day here in the Mojave, I decided to go do a night hunt with my new X-Terra 705. I say new because it has only been used for approximately half a work day since I bought it 2 months ago. It started out really well. We got to our spot and unloaded the 705, our digger, and the DetectorPro Pinpointer. I was really excited about using the pinpointer in the field because this is the first time it would have been used in the field since I bought it from Rob back at the beginning of April. That's when it all started!

I bought 2 new 9V batteries to put into the pinpointer, so I unscrewed the battery door and the thing completely fell off in my hand. Upon examination I found that one of the little retaining tabs on the door had snapped off and would not allow the door to stay closed completely. The first time in actual use, and I couldn't even use it. Bummer!!! Good thing Dave (Highbanker58) talked me into keeping it because it would not have been good at all if someone had actually bought it and I didn't know about the door. Thank you, Dave. ;)

So we start hunting the area and we're digging up trash galore, but having fun because it's only 78 degrees out at the time. WooHoo!! We come across a nice sounding signal so we dig it. Out pops a 1947 wheat penny. Not the gold I was after, but kinda cool all the same. About another 5 or so minutes of hunting and we hit another VERY strong signal. So I flip the 705 into coin mode and activate the pinpointer. I go over the spot twice, and the sound goes completely away. Boggled, I went back to the truck and pulled out the back-up Bullseye pinpointer and run it over the spot. I get sound! So I swing the 705 back over the spot and nothing. So I turn the backlight on and look at the screen, and as I swing it over the spot I can see the numbers changing, etc. I go through the settings and make sure that everything is correct (which it was because I changed nothing) and tried it again. Still nothing. There's obviously something wrong so I just pack up and come home. I go to the garage and pull the batteries from the 705 and test them (Energizer Alkalines) and they test fine. So I put them back into the unit, turn it on, and test the unit. This time I can hear VERY LITTLE sound coming from the speaker IF I put it right next to my ear. So I grab my headphones, plug them in, turn the unit back on, drop a silver dollar on the floor, and swing over it. My eyes crossed and my ears started ringing. WAY LOUD!!!

So, in a brand new $200 pinpointer broke before I could ever even use it and my 705 no longer has sound from the external speaker after only 5-7 hours of use (most of which was with the headphones attached). In the famous words of Frankie Valli, "Oh, what a night"! I tell ya, if it wasn't for bad luck I would have no luck at all. Both units were bought on April 8th of this year so they are still under warranty, but what a bummer that I have to send them in already. I wanted to try to get a little more familiar with the 705 because I just met a group of guys yesterday who coin hunt all over Southern California and they asked me today to join them on a hunt this coming week. Abort Operation Coin Hunt :( !!!

But hey.................I still got my very first wheat penny with a detector. I am now a teenie-weenie bit closer to becoming a millionaire! :D

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What a bummer Chris, and to have both go down at the same time.

I wonder if you have tried doing a factory re set on the 705 ??

just might be a thought.


Hi Pete,

Funny you say that because after this post I broke out the manual again and read on how to do a factory reset. Found the info and did the reset....NO BUENO!!!! It must just a problem with the external speaker because the headphones work perfectly when attached. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

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Why dont you take the 5000 on the coin hunt?

Tom H.

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Hi Tom,

I was thinking about it, but I have never used the 5000 for anything but gold prospecting so not really sure how to use it for coins (as far as the settings would go). Called Minelab today and they emailed me a shipping label to send it in and get it fixed. It will be going out tomorrow.

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