Big or Small...I Love Them All

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The Summer months, you can find me swinging the GB2 in the cooler mountains of the nearby Sierra's. I thought I'd post a little poke before it goes to market. The little guys do add up with the help of a few added bonus nuggets from the little GB2 patches. I often read on the forums if you'd rather have a patch with just one, 1 ouncer or a patch with several smaller nuggets? I have to tell you I like them both in one But, big or small, I love them all. Until our next hunt!



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I have a few prospecting Buddies that have all their gold that they've found. I always compared selling gold as a moving up the latter sort of speak. We all know sport card collectors, with shoe boxes full of BaseBall Cards with only a few worth anything at all, but they love each one of them...same with folks that collect their gold. Now consider me and many on the forums that sell their pokes, we sell so other folks can enjoy our labor of love. A contractor can't keep every house he builds. But like Fred said, that contractor has a photo of everything he has ever built, and I may have a picture of every nugget I've found? Here's to everyone working to fill their poke in the Summer heat...but I just was up in the hills yesterday with 34 degrees and a dusting of snow on the ground, chilly!


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