Dads doing Great!!

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Just got home from the hospital. Doc did the bypass today and he said it went fantastic. He has a really strong heart and he didnt even have to stop his heart and put him on the heart lung machine.

Doc was really pleased with how well it went. smile.png Hes going to be out for 24hrs so we all can get some rest. smile.png

Said he is good for another 100,000 miles.

I REALLY want to thank all of you guys for your prayers, thoughts, pos. vibes and everything youve done.

I mean it from the bottom of my dont know how much it means to have people praying and thinking about you when your going through something like this.

I thank you all very much.

I know dad will be on next week sometime and will post also.

Thanks again for everything!!!!

I was planning on going out detecting today and dad said I should go anyway that this was not that big of a deal......yah...right! What a goober!

Tom H.

Unc, you and grub and my dad can get together at the next outing and compare scars! smile.png

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Just got home from bush mate and read about Pops, i'm so happy that he will make a great recovery mate.

And please pass on my thoughts and repsect to dad.

Old Tom - hope you arent to sore mate, hang in the buddy, you'll be digging and scraping again very soon.


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