Got a nice email from customer from Australia

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Makes no difference where people are or who they purchased their machine from, I like to help if I can. I know Rob has the exact same philosophy that I do. But it is nice to get an email from someone you helped, like the one I got below. I had sold him a Gold Screamer Power Pack, but he had questions about properly adjusting his GPX5000. - Doc

"As amazing as this sounds it takes a person living on the other side of the world too give some advise on how to fine tune the machine, you have given me more help than anyone in Australia and that's including the people I bought the gpx 5000 from and any gold shop, the problem here is people here think all the gold is there's and really don't wont to help, all they want is for you to pay them every time you have a question.
So i thank you very much for all the advise and your super audio booster.
Chris "
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Met a rockhound in Santa Fe coffee shop this morning and was telling him of Rob's good name.

Goes for you also, Doc. You've gone above and beyond for me and it's appreciated and passed on more than y'all know.

"A good reputation is more desirable than great wealth..."

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It always give.

Good on ya, Doc.

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