Rich Hill

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Ruby and I are doing claims updates. We are just about done with Rich Hill so registered users will be getting an email with a link to the updater within the week.

As you can imagine, this year there are a lot of changes in mining claims. With the new fees there have been a lot of claims dropped or reduced in size as well as a large number of new claims being made.

The BLM has really been dragging their feet this year - even more than usual. The Phoenix State office has been doing some pretty flaky stuff and a lot of claims seem to be never updated so it's a year where our advice to "do your own due diligence" and check on the ground as well as checking the maps and records should become a constant echo in your mind when prospecting.

All that being said there are huge opportunities for prospecting recently open ground this year. I've mapped more than 80 new claims and amendments on Rich Hill this year. Even so there appears to be more than 5,000 acres of unclaimed land open to prospecting. This is a wonderful chance for serious prospectors to explore new areas. Some of these areas have been claimed since the 1940's or earlier. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the spots that are now open to prospecting. ;)

If you haven't yet registered your Rich Hill FootPrint now would be a very good time to do so. :D

I'll post in more info on other areas as we get them sorted out.

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