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  1. Fun to see the results of some hard work. Thanks for sharing. Ground looks wet, hows that effect your hunt?
  2. Always fun to see you still out there find the gold Tom. Best of continued luck.
  3. Wow!!! Don't see those everyday....what a trip that was. Great find Justin and Paul!
  4. Surely you can tell us what state......
  5. One of the best tips I got on the forum for EMI was too take two auto readings and then set the detector at the number right between the two. Just add the two numbers and divide by 2. Don't know why but it really helped quiet down noisy days. I also liked the "Quiet" audio type. What audio setting do you run CP?.........man I need a new PI soon.....miss the hunt and this Eureka Gold just doesn't cut it..
  6. Maybe Robs color blind or just found too much gold in his day..... I get really excited about any color, even flakes in the bottom of a pan!
  7. Busy Congress, moving, travel to Germany and holidays. Life is great. And you? Getting blue for sometime outdoors. Too much city stuff........
  8. Good nugget find it with a Joey?
  9. You boys are sure making me miss my 5000 and getting out there. Glad to see some guys getting on a little color and Happy Holidays to all.
  10. Tom you saw this ad right? I don't really think the dude in this Obama commercial has really lost his virginity.....
  11. Wow that's a nice one. Congrats.....almost a good as your first time.....voting???
  12. My long lost cousin died.......lol http://www.foxnews.c...test=latestnews
  13. Nice job that should lift your dads spirits huh?
  14. All the best to your dad and family.
  15. Is Brett Foster still out there lurking the hills with a MineLab?