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I got out for a few hours the other day and went to an old worked out crumb patch. I was using the GB Pro with no headphones, darn snakes are out already here in the North state. I raked some small stones and hot rocks out of the way with my foot to clear a zone about four feet square. Right away I got a real clear signal and moved a bit of ground with the edge of my hand and checked for the signal again. It was still there so I took my pocketknife and scraped about an inch of decomposed bedrock from the surface where the signal was. I went over it again and it was still in the crumbly bedrock. I repeated this step one more time and when I checked again the target was in the small pile. The target had been down about three inches.

Using my thumb and finger I started to pinch the material up and drop it over the tip of the ten inch elliptical coil.The target signal was nice and crisp now that it was out in the open but I still failed to hear it when it dropped onto the coil about eight or ten times. I finally narrowed the sorting process down and there before me was my prize, an amazingly small piece of gold. I did not know what the weight actually was but when I got home I took nine other pieces pretty similar in size and all together they came in close to a grain.

This ground is littered with BB size hot rocks but the gold targets sound off very distinctly. It is fun finding these small pieces and then trying to recover them. Crumb hunting certainly keeps your ears sharp for future hunts.

I ended up finding three more little bits and in one of the pictures you can see the hematite that litters this ground along with the hot rocks. It was a fun morning before the heat set in.

The other pictures attached are from a walk the previous day with two friends. We were checking out another area. The trip turned out to be a fruitless journey. I did spot two nice steelhead holding right below a salmon redd in the creek. Thanks, TRINITYAU/RAYMILLS

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Wow Ray!
Thats amazing you find stuff that small. :)

Tom H.

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