Gold monster: Is it Real or a humbug

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Well after a million days working and no time to do anything, we finally had a day off to go detecting. I was excited to try out my new 18" detech mono coil for the 5000. And my lovely detecting partner was really excited to try out her new Gold monster purchased from Rob Allison. I was very happy with my new detech coil. It is very very quiet in noisy ground. I did manage to snag a .24gr nugget at amazing depth also some lead missed by the coiltek elite 14 and 18". At my over grided patch. It is definitely a keeper. But enough of that. The real story i want to mention is how crazy good the monster is. We went to a place where you can spend the rest of your life detecting tiny gold. We have detected over this ground for many years with dozens of detectors. In recent times the makro gold racer was dominating the field. Today my partner running monster in auto plus found many undug targets for me to try with the gold racer. Unfortunately i could only hear a third of them. I even turned up the gain on gold racer to 99 in all metal with no threshold and tried both disc modes maxed out to no avail. The ones that i could hear were mostly tiny zip zips on gold racer. They were very loud for their size on gold monster. It was unbelievable. My partner also switched everytime to the gold monsters disc mode before digging to see how they responded. They were also very loud and brite in disc mode. Only slightly less sensitivity to them. We also tried to run a few manual sensitivity settings in all metal on gold monster. We tried all the way up to manual 10 setting. But the mineralization  is a little noisy with the manual setting. Thats where the auto modes shine. The mineralization only made an ocassional peep mainly on exposed bedrock. But it pretty much just ran smooth and quiet all day except for the screaming gold signals. I can definitely say i could not believe my eyes. Especially how loud the tiniest ones were. I actually feel like im now running an ancient old tech detector now with the gold racer. I am definitely going to be getting one myself. I have mostly ran vlf detectors for the last 32 years for thousands of hours and this has been the best new tech ive seen come along in the vlf class bar none. If you own another vlf besides gold monster like i still do. Give it away, sell it, whatever. And go get a gold monster and go get the rest of the gold you missed with pi detectors, zeds, and other vlfs before the other gold monster owners get it first.  Thats my plan aswell. I hope to get some side by side video comparisons here shortly when i get my crappy camera back from warranty repair. I almost forgot all the gold found with the gold monster 18 pcs only weighed 1/2 dwt. The smallest 2 pieces didnt even weigh in the 10ths of grains. Have to weigh those in milligrams. If you own a gold monster and you look at the red dot on the foreign writing thats how small the gold is on the 10" coil. I watched in person these were found at 2" easy. Others were found anywhere from 2 to 4 inches. Good luck





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Good going on the gold with the new toy-I have a poker chip with a very small flake on it that Ive had for a long time and all of the vlf's Ive owned always had a hard time hitting it including the GB2 but the GM hits it hard :blink: This beeper is for sure advancement in the vlf realm  :thumbsup: Mike C...:ph34r:

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Great report! Thanks for the informative post. 

Sounds like its going to be a good one :)

Good luck to ya.

Tom H.


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