Anyone who bought the NEW BATES BOOTS have an opinion yet?

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Mike Furness, Rob, and a few others purchased the new Desert Tan Hot Weather no-metal boots from Bates.  Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to use them yet and what their feedback was.



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I have only had a chance to wear them for a couple hours ... was surprised that even though they were extra wide that they were a little narrower than I thought they would be. Now that was  and is not a negative just an observation. I normally get a 10.5 EEE boot because of the sock I wear but this time I went with the 11 EEE because I was ticking my big and second toe toenail on the inside of the boot on long hikes or all day in very hot conditions with the old 10.5 EEE boots.. Secondly I like to wear a heavy boot sock ... or a sock liner and medium weight boot sock ... when I wear boots ... it prevents me from having blisters on a long, forced march into the wilderness chasing golden nuggets. I think these new boots are going to work out nicely for me once I get by something that I never expected or saw coming. Not sure why but a couple days after receiving the boots I got Gout in my left foot big toe! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE BOOTS! Just wanted to make that perfectly clear. Once the Gout is handled and I can get back into the boots I will take them on a short hike to help break them in. Initial reaction though is ... YEA! I have a new pair of boots and they fit well!

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My sincere sympathies to you on the Gout issue. Excruciating pain and inability to walk when a flareup occurs, as you probably know. I've had it for 20 years and fortunately, allopurinol is a relatively inexpensive, and effective control regimen. Cherry juice or supplements (Swanson's 2 for 1 sale on Tart Cherry supplements), also work well by preventing  your protein intake from converting to the Uric acid that creates the dagger like crystals that cause the debilitating pain in the joints.

I appreciate the feedback about the boots and your observations regarding the fit. I prefer a 4 E size when using a Gel insert, but can usually get by with a 3 E so I will take it under advisement and see if I can try on a pair before I buy.




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