US Gold Corp. - Keystone Project - Nevada

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Hello All,

   Pretty good article and short video on US Gold Corporation and their new project in Nevada called "Keystone."  I have always heard about Dave Mathewson and his discoveries with many mining companies.  

You can read the article here -

Dave Mathewson - 


Nevada-based Exploration Geologist with 50 years exploration experience and training. Over thirty-five years conducting and managing gold exploration in Nevada. Directly responsible for many gold deposit discoveries. 

The other day I was asked as an exploration geologist with what does discovery compare to within the layman's world. I responded that I thought the discovery of a one million ounce gold deposit compares to winning the Super Bowl....certainly it does from the aspect of personal satisfaction given the odds against, the degree of difficulty, and overcoming the anti-discovery forces opposing the effort, such as the geological unknowns, the effort required, sometimes difficult climatic conditions, government regulations and bureaucrats, and sometimes problematic corporate management. Thinking about this further, I determined on that basis that I have won the Super Bowl 7 times in my career... so far. I was directly and essentially fully responsible for the Tess and Saddle deposits in the Rain District for Newmont; the South Emigrant deposit would be a close 3rd given it is very close to one million. I was directly responsible for the discovery of the 1+ million ounce North Bullion in the Railroad District for Gold Standard Ventures. I Managed/coached the team that discovered the Peninsula gravel gold deposit southeast of Copper Canyon in the Battle Mtn District while with Newmont. And also, while with Newmont on the Carlin of the best places in Nevada to team discovered a very large gold zone, extending the deep sulfide feeder at Gold Quarry for about another 1000 feet, maybe the best hole ever drilled into that giant orebody, and finally we stepped out to the north of the Mike deposit and perhaps doubled the previous 10 million ounce deposit. That's 7 times winning the exploration "Super Bowl." But it is never about the past.....the future is what really matters. What a great business this is to be in!!!!


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Hey Chris,

   Thanks for clarification on that.  I should have noted that.  The Keystone was fun to hunt when Jim "Oakie" Malone used to own and operate the placers below.  The old famous Lunker Hill was a fun place to hunt.  Jim was always pretty good about letting prospectors come up and hunt for a percentage. 

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