Pre-Order Now - Minelab Pro-Find 15 & 35 Pinpointers

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Hello All,

    You might have heard, but Minelab is releasing two new Pinpointers, the new Minelab Pro-Find 15 and Minelab Pro-Find 35 Pinpointer.  These will be exciting new pinpointers to use for coin/relic/beach or gold nuggets.  Here is some info on both Pinpointers -

Pro-Find 15 - MAP Price - $99.00 

The Pro-Find 15 offers essential core pinpointer features and is designed for simplicity and ease of use.  

  • Splash proof design
  • Audio Indication
  • High Visibility with Yellow Color
  • Black Holster Included

Pro-Find 35 - MAP Price - $129.00

The Pro-Find 35 provides premium level functionality in fully waterproof design for the serious metal detectorist.  This pinpointer uses VLF Transmission Technology and incorporate Minelab's unique DIF (Detector Interference Free) Technology.  

  • Ferrous Tone ID
  • Waterproof to 3M or 10 Feet
  • High Visibility with Yellow Color
  • Audio and Vibration Indication
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Black Holster and Lanyard Included with purchase
  • Battery Included with purchase

Contact us ASAP if you would like to be one of the first ones to have these new Pinpointers.  We are currently taking Pre-Orders on these products effective 09-24-17.  Thanks! 








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