Weaver Mining District - Seen a Sign

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Hello All,

    Forgot to mention some time ago I seen a Yellow "Weaver Mining District" sign on one of the shop in Congress, Arizona.  It was the shop on the East side of the road, used to be Ed Gregory's old place.  I wanted to stop in and see what it was all about.  Not sure if it's something old, but I just never seen it there before.   Wasn't sure if the Weaver Club was popping up one again.  

Anyone seen this or know anything about it? 

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Hey Mike,

   I was thinking it was probably three before, I just never really seen it.  Normally there is a ton of cars and junk in front of that building, so it might of just been less visible before for me.  Weaver seemed like a decent club and some decent claims for many years.  Too bad these clubs can't stick around longer. 

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