Quick Update - New Products Added - Equinox & Gold Monster Stuff

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Hello All,

   Just a quick update, as some have been looking for these items.  I have added these items to my online store now, some are for the new Minelab Equinox Series and Gold Monster 1000.  

  • Gold Monster 5" Skidplate - 3011-0360
  • Equinox 6" Skidplate - 3011-0376
  • Equinox 11" Skidplate - 3011-0377
  • Equinox USB Car Charger 2 Way Accessory - 3011-0375
  • Equinox USB Mains Charger Internet Plug Pack - 3011-0374
  • Equinox Adapter Cable 3.5mm Waterproof to 1/4" - 3011-0369
  • Equinox ML 80 Bluetooth Headphones - 3011-0370

Just an update.  If you happen to order a coil cover or something very small and the shipping is too high, please contact us at 623-362-1459.  We are fixing the shipping on very small and lightweight items.  

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