New - Detech 32" Round Concentric Searchcoil - Monster Coil!

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Hey Garik,

   Yep, here is some more details on that coil.  We can get them for anyone that is looking for one - $1,299.00 with FREE SHIPPING 

Order here -


World's Largest Concentric Search Coil 
The Detech 32" Concentric Search Coil for Minelab GPX, GP, SD Series Gold Detectors is the world's largest concentric search coil. While large in size, the coils is extremely light its size weighing in at approximately 2.9 Pounds (1300 grams).

Extreme Depth for Treasures and Gold Nuggets
This coils is designed for searching deep ground, for relics, deep coins, hoards, weapons, helmets, troves, and large gold nuggets at depth. Because of its large size, the coil is not recommended when searching for very small gold nuggets or operating in very trashy areas. See the video on this page for examples of nugget size and expected depth capabilities.

Precision Technology: Handcrafted Design 
This coil is produced using a combination of the most innovative modern technologies and handmade
production techniques. This coil is made from fiberglass, carbon, polyester, epoxy resins and balsa. All materials used are of the highest quality, produced in Germany, Austria and France. The coil is made with a Litz conductor and adheres to all Minelab PI detector requirements.

Head Back to Cleaned out Sites
Armed with this coil, you now have the best tool for searching deep into the ground at those sites that were previously thought to have been cleaned out. With this coil in hand, all sites previously searched, are now ready to be revisited.

Unique Advantages to this Coil:

  • Extremely high level of ground balance
  • Good stability to electromagnetic interferences
  • Excellent discrimination of unwanted targets, better than that of traditional DD coils.
  • Precise pin-pointing
  • In the “mono” mode, the coil operates with its entire area, unlike dd coils, which operate with half of their surface area.
  • Precise inductive balance
  • Waterproof
  • High UV protection
  • Shock and scratch resistant

32 Coil.jpg

Detech 32 Concentric Coil.jpg

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