Doc's Nugget Stalker™ Brand the "Gold SPOT"

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So what about a recovery scoop and a pocket gold pan in one?

I promised you that I would be giving you another surprise this week.   I have always loved using a recovery scoop, but it sort of aggravated me that little pieces of gold would sometimes sneak out of the scoop when I was trying to sift dirt into my hand.  This aggravation has been even more exacerbated by the introduction of machines like the Gold Monster that find such dinky pieces of gold that they can surf right on top of the dirt and be easily lost.

I have always advocated that when you get the target into your scoop try to agitate the dirt so the heavy gold sinks to the bottom.  Well what if there was a scoop made where the bottom of the scoop was recessed a little to make it a SPOT to catch the GOLD.  A Gold SPOT,  Or a "G" Spot?  Then what if the scoop was designed with an incline that led to three riffles of three different heights?  This way when you sift the dirt out into your hand, the riffles stop the heavy gold and hold it making it easier to recover?

I designed the "G" Spot so the scoop is smooth on the bottom so you can shove it in your pocket and take it out with ease.  I looked at gold pans and they always form the riffles by molding them into the pan by raising the riffles on the inside of the pan by indenting the molded material on the bottom of the pan.  This just causes a weak spot, and leaves crevices for dirt to collect in.

Like to crevice?  Add a little water to the "G" Spot and you have a recovery treasure scoop and pocket gold pan all in one neat little package.

I think the "G" Spot with these unique features will speed up target recovery and it's just fun to use..  I guess this is actually sort of a tease because I only have these 5 scoops.  They are just the pre-production proto-types sent to me for approval.  So what do you all think should I approve these to go into production?  I vote yes!  What do you think?







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I’d give one a shot!  I’ve actually always thought of putting riffles in a scoop just for testing places along the creek in other areas where you’re trying to pan down the material in your scoop. When I’m detecting in the creeks this would come in real handy.   I’m glad someone finally went through with the production on one of these.

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