nugget detecting above placers?

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General question about nugget detecting.

I live in an area with lots of placer claims along the creek beds. There are general mountain peaks and ridges rising above the creeks.

Would it be generally productive to go detecting for nuggets on the slope and ridges above known placer locations?

I figure the placer gold has to have been washed downhill ....

I suppose a lot would depend upon the size of the gold in the placer deposits. In other words, if it is very fine any uphill gold might be too small to detect.

I'd appreciate your thoughts,


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Hey Monel,

   I would search all of it at some point, but maybe starting out lower where gold would settle would make more sense for a starting point.  Depending on the trash level, you might want to start down in any of the workings near the creek or the benches and see how you do.  If you start picking up nuggets, you can always try the hillsides.  

Wishing you much success.



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