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Gold Star 3D Scanner Best Solution for Professionals / New 2021
Gold Star 3D Scanner a new innovative metal detector and 3D ground scanner with new detection technologies and powerful tools to help prospectors and treasure hunters to find deep-buried treasures.

Device Features:
-    Powerful detection tools and probes: I.M.T.U, V.S.T, M.G.S
-    8 search systems for different metal detection purposes and applications
-    Long-Range detection technology with 2500 m scan range and 50 m depth
-    New 3D ground scan technology with deep depth reach.
-    Visual results display on the colored LCD screen or included Android Tablet.
-    Analysis app on tablet offer 3D visualization and powerful results analysis tools
-    Multilanguage software program offers ease of use and full control and options for search and result visualization via its charts, graphs, and icons
If you are looking for equipment to aid scanning and give you an accurate depiction of what lies beneath the surface, the Goldstar is the perfect device.
Gold Star 3D Scanner available now with free shipping worldwide via DHL.
Contact us to know the price, payment methods, and shipping details
golden detector group
find out more info here:
Waiting for your visit to our company:

gold star 3d scanner 2021.jpeg

gold star 3d scanner new.jpeg

gold star 3d scanner.jpeg

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I watched the video here and all I got was music. I went over to your site and again all I got was more music.

 I’d like to see it in action finding treasure and a review after reviews of people saying I found whatever with this detector.

 Heck I’ll be willing to do a review on anything you got for sale. After if I think it’s great I’ll buy it but if not I’ll pay to ship it back to you.

 Here is your opportunity to open a door in the USA.


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I posted a reply to you on January 16th and your last visit was January 18th .

 I just want to know why not one word was said about my offer to you?

 A friend wanted to try out one that’s made by Thomas. Well I said I’d buy one and try it but then send it to him. He’s had it for a long time and even sent it back because he couldn’t find anything with it . They sent it back they said with a upgrade. I’m sad to say he has yet to find something with it.

 Yet I have another friend that has one that says that his works for him. I really think that he’s a few grapes short of a fruit salad.

 Here I am giving you a opportunity to prove me wrong. Just send me one of your units that will find gold and I’ll never pickup another detector again.

 I just cannot tell a lie but if I can get the military discount,senior discount and just old fart discount I’ll have me a Minelab 6000 .


PS Rob I’d really like to put my name on your list of people who want to have one. My only problem is no money like so many that’s in the same boat .

But I think I can work my way around that little problem.

 I’m putting myself up for adoption and this offer of myself is to Minelab dealers only . I just want to give you the first opportunity to help a kid in his later years.

 Minelab I do hope you reading this! I’ve check my mail each day looking for the 6000 to test but I think that’s not to be . If you did you’d have to pull it out of a dead mans hands to get it back.


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