Been at this for many years , BUT still have to ask a coil question.

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I am still running my ML 4500 I happily purchased form Grubstake many years ago...HOWDY Gary..hope life is treating you well my friend. Anyhow I been using the old coils for many years and I am ready to hit the dirt very soon. So my question is with all these new coils coming out form Nuggetfinder, Coiltek, Detech and X-coils form Russia which coil and size is available that will give me the deepest range for lets say 2 ounces and above.  The X-coils interest me but very little information is available  for the ones available for the GPX so this makes me assume they are  no worse nor better then what NF Evo coils would do. I have used the 19" Evo with a few finds, so if you were hunting some deep ground what would the best combo be in moderate ground? 

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I been busy working on house projects, I've cut down over 30 trees and did a lot of burning so as to have good fire clearance in case of another fire this summer. Putting up a car port and fixing my deck. The list is long but I am anxious to get out soon and do some hunting in a few of my old spots, I also have a few sun spots on my face I'm getting checked out don't want that melanoma to sneak up on me. Its been a  busy , busy crazy year.  The world is going crazy with Covid and usual b.s. I am trying to make my world better by not listening to the talking heads on tv cause I am convinced they are just a tool to make the population divided and bitter. But anyways I am thinking I may need a bigger coil than a 16" round mono to get more depth. So many coils...which one to choose? :)  Have a great day Gary.

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AuWander the new Nugget Finder coils are in my opinion about the best you will do without taking a chance on a used coil. I own the 12" x 8  that works very well on the GPX 4500 and the 8" x 6" which is an older nugget finder coil having much more edge of coil sensitivity.

I have not delved into the the large coils but here is a link.

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Circling back on this post. 

AUWanderer I am curious what you decided? Did you buy an EVO or something else? Maybe you scraped the detector for a high banker.

Just curios. 

I am now in the same position you were in when you posted this. Wondering about buying a larger coil for more depth? 

Searching for gold nuggets with a metal detector is as much of an art as it is a skill. 

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