Over Looked Great Detector The Simplex +

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Your friend and mine Rob sells the Simplex + right here made by Nokta Makro.

 The Simplex has so much to offer a person who can’t afford a high end detector . It has the same modes and discrimination that others offer . One great thing you won’t find on the high dollar detectors is a vibrating handle for you if your hearing is not great as it was . You can buy it with wireless headphones are without.

 Nokta Makro make several different detectors other than the Simplex with a large selection of coils.

 The Simplex + is single frequency detector but some of the others do offer where you can change to other frequencies.

 Nokta Makro have been working on a multi frequency detector that I hope will be out soon. I do know it’s been in the testing stage at this time.

 Go for yourself to check out the price of this Simplex + . It’s a great backup detector but after using it for a while it may come your go to detector.

 I had gotten a elliptical coil for my Simplex and found it to a great coil and well made like the stock coil that comes with it.


PS One big thing I forgot and that it’s waterproof.

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