New Nugget Finder Heavy Duty Skidplates for Minelab Detectors-coils

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Hello All,

   I have been using the Heavy Duty NF Skidplates on my GPZ 14x13 in coil for some time along with the NF Z Search 12" coil.  They are awesome, last double the wear time and are not that much more expensive than the standard Minelab skidplates.  

Here is a whole list the new Heavy Duty (Black) Nugget Finder Skidplates I have available - 

  • NF 12" Round for Z Search (GPZ 7000) - $33.00
  • NF 14x13" GPZ Searchcoil (GPZ 7000) - $40.00
  • NF 11" Round for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - $33.00
  • NF 14" Round for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - $40.00
  • NF 17" Elliptical for GPX 6000 (GPX 6000) - 40.00
  • NF 11" Round for Equinox 600/800 (EQX series) - $28.00

Shipping is not included in the price.  We have all of them in stock, but they are going super quickly due to the quality and the fact they last much longer.  Some of the new stock skidplates seems like they are almost paper thin.  

Contact us via phone or text to order, as not all of them are listed online as of yet.  Thanks!

Rob's Detector Sales
623-362-1459 Office Line (leave a detailed message if you don't catch us)
602-909-9008 Field Cell (text or leave a detailed message if you miss me)


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