"All That Glitters" A Christmas Story released in May. Rob's Detector sales mentioned in Preface

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I finally did it. 23 years ago I wrote a little Christmas story called "All That Glitters." A Prospector's Christmas Story.  During those 23 years I have had scores of people ask me to publish the story into a book so they could pull it out each year and read it. This past Christmas Season I had a company called Gold Rush Expeditions ask for a one time licensing fee to publish the story in their annual end of the year magazine. So, I finally published it into a book. The intro to the book reads:
"Sam Lewis had lost his faith in God, his faith in the criminal justice system and society in general. Now, his wife, Mary, had passed away. Sam felt that without Mary his life was meaningless. Dropping out of society, Sam decided to head for the seclusion of the hills and spend what time he had left working his gold mining claim.
Miles away from modern day civilization he found the gold he was looking for. Sam also found something he hadn't counted on; something much more valuable.
This wonderful tale is sure to delight adults and children alike. It is a story that will bring a smile to your heart and a tear of joy to your eye."
This is a lite read. Only 63 pages long. 10 Chapters. If you like the ol' Hallmark movies, then you will like this tale. I had that in my head when I wrote it. Something like a Hallmark Christmas movie with Wilford Brimley narrating the story. But Wilford died. Guess I shouldn't have waited so long.
Every year around Christmas time I get people calling to buy the book. Well there was no book to buy. But now there is. I don't fashion myself a writer at all, but anyone that knows me will tell you I like telling stories.
Merry Christmas about 7 months early. Or 5 months late.
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