Manticore Is Minelab’s New Detector

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It’s said this new detector Manitcore is lighter than the Equinox by one ounce and more powerful. To what extent has to be seen but it for sure has something new and that’s a vibrating handle like another metal detector company has . If not mistaken it can go deeper than the Nox and hopefully not take on water.

 The price of this new Manitcore is right at the door of 1600 but just under that around a dollar .

 Minelab like always onward and upward with big and better detectors.


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Hey Rob

  I don’t know how big a seller the Nox was for you but if this Manitcore is as great Minelab says it is it may out do the Nox on Sales.

 You dealers may not know more than the public about the Manitcore but I guess in due time we’ll all know.

 First the Axiom from Garrett a PI detector.

 Then here comes Minelab with another new detector called Manitcore.

 So many new toys but little money.


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